Bobby and Corrine Oil Fun and Gunge Bath [Braless]
Today Bobby and Corrine are having fun with some oil and gunge. Bobby is wearing a pink long sleave top with some tight nacy blue leggings with pink socks and

Corrine is wearing a cream top with pink jeans and yellow socks. Both girls are braless!

first the girls play with the oil, they step in to the tray that is filled with oil and get there socks covered. Bobby gets jug of oil and pours it down the front and back of Corrines

jeans then the girls swap and Corrine pours it down the front and back of Bobbys leggins. The girls sit down in the tray and get there jeans/leggings completely oily. They then take turns pouring it over each others heads. They roll around in the oil before moving onto the gunge!

The girls sit on the edge of the bath and pour gunge over each other then get into the bronze gugne bath slowly, once in the girls get covered from head to toe in gunge

and submerge under the gunge a few times, standing up showing of their gungy bodies. They get out and pour the remaining gunge on each other.

A great shoot from to lovely girls, and we wash them off at the end!

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Year produced:2017
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