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"Cassie is a soup-er* trooper"
Great scene as Cassie takes a very impressive amount of mess. Really interesting listening to her and Charlotte review all the substances, giving there opinions. Lots of different soups and other things used, all good, nice and slimey (apart from the mushy peas, who let the side down a bit, pull your act together mushy peas).

Great one for fans of different savoury mess, and also a good introduction for ideas for using different types of mess (how everything different works).

Thanks Cassie, Charlotte and the customer who commissioned the custom!

*Sorry for using the soup-er pun again in a review. It just makes me happy. rb2844, 6 days ago
"Emily makes bath time lots of fun"
Sitting in casual wear, Emily is in an empty bathtub. It's soon filled quickly with lots of goo. The first color white just coats her as though it's glaze on a doughnut. Then the blue gunge arrives.

This is a lot.

Emily sits calmly in the tub, as it's being filled with thick blue goo. After all of it has been placed in the tub, she starts to submerge a couple of times.

The second half of the session has her submerging again, then getting out of the tub only to take off her shoes and fill them with gunge, then putting them back on. She then lounges on the floor, and has black gunk poured all over her face and body. A thorough washing-up scene finishes the video.

This is another must-watch from Most WAM. Get this one, folks. deadpool, 8 days ago
"English babe is gunged in a schoolgirl outfit"
Wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit, Emily is taking a trivia challenge, in order to avoid getting slathered with green gunge.

Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for the audience), things don't go her way.

There is footage afterwards of Emily playing in the slop, while on the floor.

Another winning video from Most WAM. deadpool, 8 days ago
"Barefoot Amber gets sloppy"
Amber is given a chance to stay clean, by having to answer ten questions without any assistance.

Guess what happens if she fails, folks. The gunge is nice and thick, and they totally ruin her nice white slacks.

Her cute bare feet are coated as well. This is a good one. deadpool, 8 days ago
"Mostwam and the Tale of the Cursed Dress"
What a Great Custom! One of the best...These Twist gameshows are just getting better!

Amber's wearing that Dress... It didn't go well for Janet (twice), Lila and Bobi... Poor girls, the most cursed dress in WAM strikes again...

2 great new games for this custom... Musical Chairs with Points, some cheating going on in here with Amber and Mia :) And the geography "mark the country" round... That was pretty funny... With one girl being an expect and the other not having a clue... And with Amber sat in the tank making a lot of cocky remarks...

So much mess in the end, a few twist and turns that results in some girls laughing their heads off and others with their smiles vanishing like a flash, sitting there fuming and very silence! haha :)

Beautiful perfect Custom! :loveeyes: CalGungeFan, 13 days ago
"A must for Charlotte fans"
This is a great video if only to see the end gunging of Charlotte. She takes the loads to her head and body and looks amazing while doing so The first scenes are great too and involve some excellent loads being dumped on very attractive you ladies heads. I love Charlotte though, she is stunning and has a great innocence about her. She looks so sexy in the dress she wears in this scene. My dream would be to see her in a swimsuit getting covered in beans and mushy peas--that would guarantee that I reach completion. MartytheHat, 18 days ago
"Nice girls+superb Mess But no nudity. misse chance one is enough."
Well to say It's not my taste. Wrong buy.

But first: nice girls OK. Superb messy OK. No nudity Bad.

That could have been a superb tape. Missed chance. opal1x, 11/9/18
"Great fun and value"
Really fun scene! Poor Casey! She gets an impressive amount of mess at the end. Mia also takes some great pies and gunge and Charlotte receives a good gunge tanking! Also I can't believe Charlotte is so cheap to bribe! Mia does a good job of not giving the game away. rb2844, 11/8/18
"Sexy sticky schoolgirls"
Corrine and Amber, dressed as school girls which is a solid reason alone to purchase this! have a little challenge. They are each asked question. If they get it right, the other lady is engulfed in slime. If they get it wrong, they get it.

No one is clean, I'm happy to say.

A must watch! deadpool, 10/9/18
"A nice bath for Alice."
While cleaning up the room barefoot, Alice tumbles into the tub full of blue gunge. What's a girl to do? Have fun getting slathered, of course!

A must watch. deadpool, 10/9/18
"Lisa stays hot, while keeping cool"
Hanging out by a pool, our favorite blonde Brit Lisa wants to take a dip or two... while in a shirt and slacks.

Being barefoot in jeans during the whole session a plus in my book Lisa shows off her feet, and her swimming skills, for our entertainment. Highly recommended. deadpool, 10/7/18
"Fantastic revival of an awesome game"
I've been on the look-out for videos based on Fill Ya Pants and I was stoked to see this appear. You guys always do such great quality, and your other short-filling scenes are top-notch. This one was an instant purchase from me, and it didn't disappoint! Obviously, the person who ordered this custom grew up just as glued to the TV screen as I was whenever this was being played, and I can say that you captured the essence of the original game really well--sourcing those tubes, and chanting "fill your pants" was a great touch. Terrific short-fillings for both Mia and Bobi, and they had fun banter and a great attitude. I hope you play Fill Ya Pants again. Would love to see a future installment with the pants being held up by the braces/suspenders like the ones used in Georgina and Emily's custard short-filling game. Thanks for putting this video out there. It's gone straight up to be one of my favourites. Gungeyundies, 10/2/18
"Soup-er scene"
Great scene, especially for fans of savoury wam. There are lots of different kind of mess at the end (have a look at the list in the description). Don't want to give away who gets what but who gets some gets loads.

The games are as complicated as you could hope for and they manage to mix maths, marshmallows and the prisoners dilemma. Casey does a great job as host keeping it all together and explaining everything well.

Both the contestants are good fun. Good value as always.

Soup-erb scene. Also has beans in it. rb2844, 9/25/18
"Lovely beany, custardy boobies!"
Love girls in football shirts and when they get messy--even better!

Lovely beany, custardy boobies! MartytheHat, 8/12/18
"Footie shirt fittie!"
I love girls in football shirts and to see one getting messy gets my heart (and todger) pounding. A great film, stockings are a nice touch too! MartytheHat, 8/6/18
"WAM is coming home!"
Great scene! Big shout out to Corrine for taking such a massive amount of savoury, hope she still likes it now! Also Amber was great in it, talking and cracking jokes non stop! Very long, lot's of substances, highly entertaining and as always with these scenes great value for money/1

The world cup may have ended in disappointment for some, but this certainly doesn't!

Thanks very much as well to the customer who commissioned it!

*Sorry about the post title, still stuck in my head. rb2844, 7/24/18
"Epic must have scene!"
Absolutely epic scene! Casey takes it all like a champ including what seems to be a never ending supply of custard. Great mix of sweet and savory stuff. If you are at all on the fence about purchasing this scene, DO IT! An instant classic. Beantwn, 7/22/18
"Dice countdown. 6,5,4,3,2,1... gunge!"
Another Episode of Strip or Tank, These are just keep getting better and better!

Lucy is just a ball of fun and full of personality every time she's on camera and this scene is no exception. She is also someone who embraces the gunge with a laugh :) On the other side we have Lila, who as everyone knows, is very competitive but does have a knack of losing pretty much every time... Poor Girl! So who lose this time and get a long orange gunging, who cares haha :) The winners are US and that's the only thing that matters! Well Done to Everyone involved! CalGungeFan, 7/22/18
"Talented Custom All Round"
What an Amazing Gameshow! Amber and Casey are probably to best partnership in mostwam, they really know how to play off each other in games You sometimes don't need loads of Mess and food... Just a simple gunge tank and talent like Amber, Casey and Charlotte with a talented customer... You can create something magical... I can honestly talk for hours about how amazing this custom is! This is what WAM is about. Watching talent come together and create something special... And i knew when watching this... That this was something special! Possibly one of best customs i have seen... Well done everyone! CalGungeFan, 7/22/18
"Best Gunge Tank Scene Yet!"
Definitely my favorite gunge tank scene. Well worth the purchase! I loved the thickness/consistency of the gunge and the way its poured. The jumps in the flow, the way it pours in a shower head type formation, the colors of the gunge, and the way it spreads over her body is amazing! Only way this could have been better is if she was nude and squealing in the gunge tank! legobatmanguy, 7/19/18
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