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"Lovely beany, custardy boobies!"
MartytheHat  8/12/18

Love girls in football shirts and when they get messy--even better!

Lovely beany, custardy boobies!

"Footie shirt fittie!"
MartytheHat  8/6/18

I love girls in football shirts and to see one getting messy gets my heart (and todger) pounding. A great film, stockings are a nice touch too!

"WAM is coming home!"
rb2844  7/24/18

Great scene! Big shout out to Corrine for taking such a massive amount of savoury, hope she still likes it now! Also Amber was great in it, talking and cracking jokes non stop! Very long, lot's of substances, highly entertaining and as always with these scenes great value for money/1

The world cup may have ended in disappointment for some, but this certainly doesn't!

Thanks very much as well to the customer who commissioned it!

*Sorry about the post title, still stuck in my head.

"Epic must have scene!"
Beantwn  7/22/18

Absolutely epic scene! Casey takes it all like a champ including what seems to be a never ending supply of custard. Great mix of sweet and savory stuff. If you are at all on the fence about purchasing this scene, DO IT! An instant classic.

"Dice countdown. 6,5,4,3,2,1... gunge!"
CalGungeFan  7/22/18

Another Episode of Strip or Tank, These are just keep getting better and better!

Lucy is just a ball of fun and full of personality every time she's on camera and this scene is no exception. She is also someone who embraces the gunge with a laugh :) On the other side we have Lila, who as everyone knows, is very competitive but does have a knack of losing pretty much every time... Poor Girl! So who lose this time and get a long orange gunging, who cares haha :) The winners are US and that's the only thing that matters! Well Done to Everyone involved!

"Talented Custom All Round"
CalGungeFan  7/22/18

What an Amazing Gameshow! Amber and Casey are probably to best partnership in mostwam, they really know how to play off each other in games You sometimes don't need loads of Mess and food... Just a simple gunge tank and talent like Amber, Casey and Charlotte with a talented customer... You can create something magical... I can honestly talk for hours about how amazing this custom is! This is what WAM is about. Watching talent come together and create something special... And i knew when watching this... That this was something special! Possibly one of best customs i have seen... Well done everyone!

"Best Gunge Tank Scene Yet!"
legobatmanguy  7/19/18

Definitely my favorite gunge tank scene. Well worth the purchase! I loved the thickness/consistency of the gunge and the way its poured. The jumps in the flow, the way it pours in a shower head type formation, the colors of the gunge, and the way it spreads over her body is amazing! Only way this could have been better is if she was nude and squealing in the gunge tank!

"You won't believe your eyes"
moreslime  7/13/18

"Wowzers" says Charlotte as she surveys the collection of substances before her epic gunging of Casey. She ain't kiddin'.

If there is another WAM clip in existence of a model taking more mess than this, then I've never heard of it. In fact, if a wammer had taken this then the clip would be a classic and still talked of in hushed tones years later. To have a non-wammer do so is staggering. There was a producer a few years ago who covered two models in a lot of sweet mess but said they cut it short when it was clear the amount was making the girls feel queasy. It was a lot, but still only a fraction of what Casey is deluged in here. She takes it like a trooper. And then like three more troopers.

How much is it? Put it this way. The messing lasts a good 25 minutes. So, if you picture Charlotte turning to the table and picking up something to pour over Casey, and then repeating, how many times do you think she can do that in 25 minutes? That's how much mess there is. It's mostly sweet and the classic Moomin pies, although there's some savoury as well. Over and over. Over Casey, as it happens.

And even then, it's not done. No, the slop is collected in a bowl for a face-dunk, and the contents are then tipped over her head. (NB This is exactly how one of WAM legend Jayce's great scenes finishes, too.) And there's still time for a self-pieing and one last bottle of ketchup. If I hadn't seen it, I would have thought this scene was a myth. But it is real. Watch it and let that jaw hit the floor.

"I'm a Mostwam girl, Get me out of here!"
CalGungeFan  6/28/18

Another Fantastic gtg Gameshow with a twist. These are just getting better and better!

Amber is now my favourite Mostwam Model (or Joint with Emily) She is on top form here and looking Gorgeous as usual. Rhian looks stylish in that different dress... Love the new "I'm a celeb" style game in the dressing room, I think Rhian enjoyed that with the loser taking the gunging like a champ. Certainly one girl by the end of this custom will be saying "I'm a Mostwam girl, Get me out of here!."

So many twists and turns of emotions, that's why i love these types of games... Just Brilliant! I do feel like this episode can be split into 2 Episodes, with one normal gtg custom and then the other being with an Alternate Ending :)

"The best pie scene mostwam has ever done!"
CalGungeFan  6/10/18

And it's all down to the Electric Chemistry between Emily and Lucy Both utterly competitive (even if one think she isn't) and possibly the feistiest scene mostwam has done with both girls throwing bits of pie at other. Some hilarious one liners, lots of moaning from Emily, lots of banter from live wire Lucy with so much laughing from the girls in the studio and from you watching at home. what A joy :)

"Starter Question for Pies"
CalGungeFan  5/12/18

A wonderful competitive Quiz with 4 of my Favourite girls... what could be better! And by the end, Quite a few pied ladies, one girl gloating and feeling very happy and one girl fuming! That's how i like my Mostwam.

"Couples Therapy is perfect when it involves Gunge"
CalGungeFan  5/1/18

Well that was a pleasure to watch... The Mr and Mrs style game worked so well, how well do a married couple really know each other with some pretty funny results. Jake did a great job for his first time on the Mostwam set and Charlotte is fabulous as usual... Chemistry is off the charts as to be expected. Just a wonderful watch and didn't mind who lost really, though i do think Jake and Charotte will haha :)

Great gunging and extras, certainly the winner had their best day ever gunging their partner... Well done to everyone involved and hope to see this back with more couples or if not sisters/best friends.

"How can you be scared of a die?"
CalGungeFan  4/28/18

gtg Stripped is back and better than ever :)

I do love this one is a simple Bra and Pants rather than Stocking and Suspenders, there is something sexier with simpler underwear, Especially the green set Emily is wearing :) Great Competitive game (it always is with Emily) Emily is back to her moaning self when she loses a throw, who is scared of a die... And Rhian, there is something innocent about her and i'm loving it!

"Lingerie and Pies! Winner Every Time!"
CalGungeFan  4/28/18

Emily does a great job at her first hosting gig, if you get it up the nose, you know its a good pie :) "Pictionary is back" always a fun game on topgunge and its back! Rhian has settled in well as a mostwam model and Lila is her competitive self... 3 lovely ladies in sexy lingerie with 2 of them covered in pies, what there not to love about that! :)

Well done!

"They think it's all over... Or is it?"
CalGungeFan  4/22/18

wow! What a gameshow scene this is! Superb So much went on in this one... Very competitive "hard hitting" games, some faulty equipment, mishaps and mistakes, Laughing on the floor funny with some stroppy angry to boot! All happened in this one! haha All the girls are on top form! Buy it and you won't be disappointed, the only people the will be... are the 2 unfortunate girls that have the endure the onslaught of sloppy horrible food :)

"Think I'll come to the dark side if Lucy's there waiting"
CalGungeFan  4/22/18

A really funny game of "Get your balls out" with 2 beautiful Ladies... At one point one of the girls saying "Mercy, just give up with me... Come to the dark side"

Lucy is just a massive ball of Fun, Smiles and Personality...The loser certainly enjoys her gunging maybe a little too much to call her a loser! But a bad idea taunting Leon when he is armed with a gunge gun.

Beautiful Update, my favourite of your Stripped/Underwear Gameshows.

"Great game, loads of savoury mess and controversial decisions!"
rb2844  4/22/18

Really great scene. The two losers get a load and loads of mess including lots of different types of soup and the mess that's mentioned in the description. Both forfeit messings go on for a good number of minutes and then seem to keep on going. Pretty amazing that there was so much for two people plus the gunge tank gets a good use too!

Also [x] was robbed at inflatable gladiators, just saying!

"Silly, sexy, slimy and superb!"
ItsJay  4/16/18

I adore this scene. I was planning to buy this scene on a rainy day. I wish I bought it sooner. The slime looks extra slimy, and the women clearly have a fantastic time. The laughing from them is just as good as the squelching sounds the slime makes and they slide around. They get into some very awkward position's!

Utterly fantastic movie. Recommend to everyone. I just wish we saw more of this.

"A must have clothed wam video"
ericachronic  4/13/18

Me and BF really enjoyed this scene. As producers and fans of clothed WAM ourselves, a lot of Mostwam Charlotte's stuff is right up our alley. This scene had some of the best slime I have ever seen used in a WAM video. The consistency, color, and sound of it impacting were spot on! The outfits were very smart looking and the girls looked like they were having a good time.

"A Gameshow you can play and then eat"
CalGungeFan  3/11/18

What a Custom we have here!... Its like a Horror Series doesn't have to have blood, gore and jump out scares, it's more effective when it's brilliantly crafted with intrigue, tension and with beautiful performances... That challenges you and even makes you laugh a bit... I feel that's the way to description this custom!

You sometimes don't need loads of Mess and food... Just a simple gunge tank and talent like Amber, Casey and Charlotte with a talented customer... you can create something magical I can honestly talk for hours about how amazing this custom is! This is what WAM is about. Watching talent come together and create something special... And i knew when watching this... That this was something special! Possibly one of best customs i have seen... well done everyone!

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