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"A Gameshow you can play and then eat"
CalGungeFan  7 days ago

What a Custom we have here!... Its like a Horror Series doesn't have to have blood, gore and jump out scares, it's more effective when it's brilliantly crafted with intrigue, tension and with beautiful performances... That challenges you and even makes you laugh a bit... I feel that's the way to description this custom!

You sometimes don't need loads of Mess and food... Just a simple gunge tank and talent like Amber, Casey and Charlotte with a talented customer... you can create something magical I can honestly talk for hours about how amazing this custom is! This is what WAM is about. Watching talent come together and create something special... And i knew when watching this... That this was something special! Possibly one of best customs i have seen... well done everyone!

"Newsflash: Loser gives birth to a gunge baby!"
CalGungeFan  10 days ago

A little Gem of a scene!

Both Girls looks beautiful in simple outfits. Great competitive quiz and lots a moaning from the loser! Lovely Brown gunge in the tank with excellent coverage of gunge...

Money well spent in my book :)

"Run... run A mile!"
CalGungeFan  21 days ago

Charlotte Sums this custom up perfectly when she said "The moral of the story, when you do a custom for this customer, run... run A mile!" All Girls beware haha. Possibly the Messiest Gameshow Custom of all time and Boy is it fun! Well fun for us watching anyways... The girl that ends up in the tank thinks she's got the safe and warm option (which is rare to say about the tank)... But it just get worse for her after that. haha...

Charlotte really does revel in dishing out the humiliating mess to girls who feel they have been treated unfairly. I think that's where Charlotte does her best work... So cruel and yet so wonderful :)

What a Custom, Great new game and overall one of the best!

"How much do you risk to avoid the gunge tank."
gyob1989  28 days ago

Slight variation on the higher and lower game but still keeps me interested and waiting to find out which of these gorgeous women get sent to the gunge tank, and what they will be left wearing.

"Great game of chance with risk of getting gunged"
gyob1989  28 days ago

Great video. Love the outfits and stripping elements. And of course the gunge tank. It keeps you interested for the whole thing even though the gunging isn't until much later in the video.

"Awesome video"
petergb  29 days ago

My new favourite video! Great video for messy feet and messy savoury gunging. Can we have another one?

"Yeah it's as good as the screencaps make it out to be"
rb2844  2/9/18

So so good. Need more words, um, really really really good? Errr... super good. Wonderful scene. The slime is really cool colourful and nice chunky. Not sure about the cameo for beans at the start. They didn't even go over anyone's head. Seriously, well worth a purchase.

"Bloomin' hell that's a complicated game!"
rb2844  2/9/18

An impressively convoluted game even for mostwam standards but still great fun.

I'm not really into the welly or feet stuff so I was only into the buckets at the end which were good and well worth the purchase although I'm not sure the loser enjoyed it as much as some of their other scenes.

Another good scene from MostWam and great value for money definitely worth a purchase, even more so if you're into messy feet!

"One of the best scenes I've ever purchased!"
TotallyGunged  2/2/18

mostwam deserve all the recognition they've been getting lately, especially for this scene! I bought it expecting it to be good--However, it ended up being one of the best scenes I've ever bought! The girls are gorgeous; the kissing is mesmerising; the quality of the gunge is top notch. And it goes without saying that the mostwam gunge tank is just awesome!

Please do keep up the great work! I love your new style!

"Wow... these girls really go for it!"
leeming  1/29/18

Usual fantastic production. Love the way the girls react together, their clothing gets really messed up and they really enjoy doing it too.

"Lovely and sensual"
grm  1/27/18

Gosh, Lila is a very lovely woman, and with each video it becomes increasingly apparent how sensual she is. Here she is kissing Sky, in a great big slimy mess. The problem is that there is such a mess that it interferes with their kissing, which is a shame because it seems that they enjoy kissing each other, and were ready to kiss a lot more. What would be most lovely to see would be a kissing scene, but with edible delights like custard and chocolate that would not impede, but rather enhance the kissing. Still this scene is very nice, and there's some caressing and bum fondling to enjoy. Oh, but to see Lila in the nude is the dream! Maybe some day ;)

"Best! Idea! Ever! So Many Laughs and Tons Of Gunge"
mikey25  1/4/18

This has to be one of the best ideas to try in WAM ever, which leads to hilarious results with both the sexy Sky and beautiful Lila jolting about and dancing at points trying to concentrate on finishing the game & suppress there urges from there own buzzers. While both of them are doing that Lisa is on hand to continuously pour gunge over both of them whenever they fail the buzzer game which is a lot with there own buzzers constantly going on & off haha, it's bloody brilliant watch a pure fun and funny WAM shoot all around.

Both Sky & Lila look eye shatteringly gorgeous as always and to boot dressed in there silk/satin dresses, which is a big win for me as I'm always a big fan of satin and gunge so if your like me you will already have this clip if not then this has you covered. The gunge used in this shoot is great both in the colours and the amount used too.

Both girls basically get a bin of gunge each poured over them throughout the game for failing the buzzer game and to end on a high note the loser of the game is sent to the gungetank for even more gunge with a great mix of colours in my opinion as well as still having her buzzer in which as you could guess leads to some choice reactions from the girl in the tank.

As for the quality of the video and sound it's up to the normal standard of the moomin crew, which to say the least is excellent as ever some of the best production quality in the WAM space and continues to keeps it at a constant level of great quality.

"Who loves Evil Charlotte?"
CalGungeFan  12/12/17

Evil Ice Cold Dunk Tank... More like Evil Charlotte! I loved how Cruel Charlotte was in this one. She puts these girls through it... But they do get their revenge of Charlotte in the end haha

Extremely fun scene to watch, Loving Amber more and more, every time i watch her! god that water must have been Freezing at the end!

"Noughts and Crosses, Is it that Hard?"
CalGungeFan  12/12/17

Why are all the Girls so bad at Noughts and crosses? hahaha seriously One girl is really bad! Easily should have won most of the games... Funny for Us as she pays the ultimate price by getting some nasty food over her sexy outfit! God that Chloe sailors outfit is something!...

Both girls end up very messy, but one certainly will feel like a loser! Danielle and Chloe are good friends but their friendship maybe tested here haha :) Great fun and load of mess! Well Done to everyone involved!

"Fantastic clip"
surgif  11/16/17

Oh yes! You'll see that rachel enjoys the treatment given to her!

She does a great job and loves to get plastered with all these slimy stuff. Personally, I like the part with her full heels pulled back on. Maybe she had played a little with her toes inside or give them a good refill inside the tube...

But neverthanless a fantastic clip with rachel and she really had fun with it!

"Great first gunge bath"
surgif  11/16/17

Rachel is a great model!

If this was her first gunge, jepp she's a natural born wammer!

Good Job, even if she is a little shy a the beginning, but as soon as she put her chucks back on she's in her element. ;-)

"Every second worth to buy!"
surgif  11/16/17

Phantastic clip!

Charlotte not even gets messy, no!

I'll see that she has a lot of fun by it.

And Lina who did all the mess to her is that much in her element that even she gets some splatters on her floral dress.

At the end she also swims wiht her heels thru the plenty muck on the floor. Both girls don't need a script to that scene they just act and behavie like natural born wammers!

Every second worth to buy!

"Sexy girl, sexy shirt, great substances! 11/10 :D"
Peter Forst  11/14/17

Lila is simply beautiful! Very pretty lady! We do not get tired of seeing her in her wet clothes and dirty. Very good scene!

Wiggout1  11/11/17

Excellent clip, loved the outfits the girls wear in this video, was hoping charlotte was going to get messy in the 3rd part, but like all the other videos another worth to watch!

"My favorite wetlook scenes of all time"
burban0428  11/2/17

One of my favorite wetlook scenes of all time. The way that white shirt clings to her body is just absolute perfection. This video checks everything I like in a wetlook scene.

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