Lila's Clear Beans Jeans (Clear Trousers)
Starring the following model:
Lila is wearing some clear trousers with clear boots, Underneath she is wearing white pants, and on top a white long sleeve top. Lisa chains up Lila's hands

Firstly Lila gets some cold beans pour on her head and down her sleeves, then she has some spaghetti down her top. Next she has some more cold beans pour down her trousers, They get filled right up and then her boots get filled too.

After being filled up with beans in every item of clothing, Lila gets more poured on her on the floor then rolls around in the mess before getting washed off, taking off her bean trousers and her top going see-through!

File count:2
Total size:872.42 MB
Runtime:14 mins, 45 secs
Scene ID:29586

Includes these files:
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809.27 MB
13.7 minutes
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1.1 minutes
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